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Gardens and Plants 6.03

Application to manage information about plants with an easy-to-use interface
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If you are in the plant business, or even if your hobby is related to the “green stuff”, you may find this application really useful. Garden and Plants doesn’t leave much for the mystery if you consider its name. As you already have guessed, this piece of software is about garden and plants, but we will try to explain a little bit more what you can do with it.
Basically, Gardens and Plants is a huge database of plants containing all kind of useful information about the different species. That information includes colorful pictures to get to know plants and flowers that might not be able to growth in your region of residence. The software has been designed to help people into plants to manage information regarding their activity, including gardens construction projects.
The application is organized in the following sections:
HOME: just an introductory window, showing sponsored links and some online information.
PLANTS: this section is where you can browse the plants database and search for information. It includes a “Plant Finder” which consists in an interface to help you find a specific plant or plants meeting certain criteria.
SEARCHES: this section stores searches that you have performed and saved previously, so you can reuse them easily.
COMPANIES: this section is a very large database of plants related companies.
CALENDAR: this is the place where you can schedule tasks and meetings regarding your activities and projects.
“Gardens and Plants” comes in three different versions. The Free Edition is the one you can use to try it out, and the best option if the plant are only a hobby for you. The Standard option is the next level with a cost of $27.03 and some extra features such as: hide advertises; better resolution for the plants pictures; print plant cards without watermarks; save searches; print contacts without watermarks, and print contact lists. The third option is the Professional Edition, with a cost of $94.95 and many more features like the possibility of adding and editing new plants to the database, store prices and plant sizes, create plants lists and prices lists, among others.

Lionel Mira
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  • There's a free version available
  • The interface is really easy-to-use
  • It includes a huge plant database


  • The interface can work slow
  • The information about companies is only available for some regions
  • Only two languages are available for the interface and database information
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